First week

It would be an understatement to say that I’m not overwhelmed by the first week managing Three Crows. So many things to learn, so many mistakes to make and bruises to get. Some of the coolest people in grimdark have shown their interest in the magazine and the kind words from established authors and editors warm my heart and prove that I’m on right track.

My favourite people Olivia and Rey are douing a fantastic job with reading the slush pile and so far our opinions align perfectly. I look forward to forming the skeleton of the issue and finishing the questions for the first couple interviews.

I ross my finger that China Mieville will answer the email I sent him and I would be able to prepare an interview with him. I’m preparing written questions so far to get answers over the email but in this case I would fly to fucking UK to talk to him. Or at very least have a phone call.

That would be bonkers!


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