TOP SFF books of 2018


Since starting Three Crows, I’ve read so many more books than ever before. Here’s my personal top 10, cause I hate top 10 lists and will never consider them journalism and thus will never publish it on TCM site. Here it goes:

  1. Rosewater – a modern classic. Mandatory reading for everyone 18+ or anyone taking biology and/or literature classes in high school.
  2. The Tower of Living and Dying – everything that was beautiful about The Court of Broken Knives, but more and better. Looking forward to the House of Sacrifice.
  3. Rejoice – unlike what was depicted in this somewhat controversial, post-structuralist/postmodern (fight me on it) novel (read my review and interview with Steven Erikson) post-scarcity-fanboying aliens ain’t rushing to save us. Oh, how I wish they would. Instead, we got to do something. Go vote, be kind, protect a tree, punch a politician. Figure something out.
  4. The Fire Eye Refuge – the book with a heart of gold and unparalleled sincerity. (I will shove it down anyone’s throat until they praise it like I do).
  5. King of Assassins – RJ should’ve saved time and straight up beat me up and left me crying in a puddle of my own blood.
  6. Monster Baru Cormorant – Simply wrecked that little heart of mine, but technically it felt more of the same after “Traitor”.
  7. Bloody Rose – it took Nicholas Eames two books, and multiple breakfast atrocities I imagine, to singlehandedly revive the genre of pure adventure fantasy. That means something.
  8. The Armored Saint – Myke Cole at his best. If you want a war drama, stop allowing that wretched asshole of a man Clint Eastwood to make movies and pay attention to this man and his books (and turn them into movies, please).
  9. Embers of war – A space opera with a pinch of Banksianism (you heard it here first, folks) where a sentient, sensitive, and warcrime-comminting ship finds out if she can redeem herself. Can She? CAN SHE???
  10. Senlin Ascends – I felt the same way Senlin does during the last time I lost my mom in a supermarket while standing in a queue.

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