First steps.

We got 100 followers on twitter, 20 on instagram, and 20 email subscribers, without any concentrated effort except for me being sarcastic.

I’ve gathered a team of four people to be the first reader and we’ll see how that goes – our styles and taste need to align. I know that the last call is always mine, but I need them like air and I need them good.

Submissions keep coming – half a dozen original english language fiction, two established Ukrainian authors agreed to submit stories and recomended a lot of people to contact.

Life is good so far.


Recruiting the team

Despite the fact the MARK FUCKING HAMMIL himself like my tweet about him being a precious and pure muppet, the most heartfelt and encouraging fact throughout the day was the fact that so many people are eager to become first readesrs and proofreaders. For free. They are volunteering because they love literature and they love SFF.

As a lawyer by trade, I haven’t seen a lot fo people willing to work for free in Kyiv, just cause they love their jobs and clients.

If this is not a sign that we are on a right track, I dont know what is.

First submission

How can I start to tell how excited I am about the first submission for the three crows. I know how the editors are constantly moaning about the evergrowing slushpile of horrible, terrible, not-at-all good, fiction and how they are loosing eyesight by piling through even kinds of shit and knowing all their flavours.

Yet I am excited as a child.

Three crows is three days old and we have already the first sub, huh? The easy part hasn’t even begun I guess, so let’s not call for the wrath of gods and talk about the hard one.

So, it begins.

In here I’ll try to reflect on how I’m building Three Crows, some personal experiences, politics, and simply random nerdy stuff. Everyone in creative writing and publishing has got a blog, despite it being 2018, so why not start one for me.